The Players

emc3i's management team is led by Jonni Davis and has been carefully selected from all areas of the leisure, marketing and entertainment industries.

They have a combined personal service of over 50 years working on numerous projects with JD and all have extensive knowledge within their specific fields.

emc3i’s players are:

Jonni Davis - CEO / Founder

Fleur Elliott – Director of Live & Label

Rebecca Robertson -  Head of Live & Liaison

Maika Fernandez - Head of Finance & HR

Dan Rosseau - Chic Experience Curator

Seven Webster - Head of HRH Bookings

Jessica Lloyd - Chic Experience Curator

Claire Lloyd  - Head of PR

Simon Rushworth - Editor in Chief HRH Mag

Adam Barnes - Managing Editor HRH Mag

Jay Mc Guire - Station Manager Hard Rock Hell Radio

Stacey Roberts - Programming Director Hard Rock Hell Radio

If you're looking for opportunities within the emc3i evolution then please E-mail your CV to