Weekend @ Scifi8

SFW ( Science Fiction & Fantasy Warriors)

The Sci Fi Weekender was originally created as a partnership with the SFX magazine and was originally labelled, The SFX Weekender. SFX I landed in east Sussex in Feb 2010 and boasted 48 hours of non-stop guest star talks, screenings, author panels, exhibitions, music, videos, gaming, booking readings, anime and comic zones, plus the legendary SFX awards.

SFX 2 sold out in record time and SFX 3 moved to Pretatyn where it doubled its capacity. SFX3 sold out 6 weeks before the event and ended up being covered by the BBC and ITV.

SFX then decided to concentrate its resources across its digital propositions and left Chic Festivals an opportunity to take the brand forward. The 4th cycle was aptly named the Sci Fi Weekender or SFW4. With another move to Hafan y Mor in North Wales, SFW4 doubled its capacity yet again and upped every aspect of the experience. SFW4 sold out 8 weeks before the event, the only UK Sci Fi experience to do so.

SFW 9 is now in full swing with an increased proposition to take on three core areas, Science Fiction, Fantasy n Weird, SFW 9 is due to sell out 7 months in advance.