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Hard Rock Hell

HRH began its legacy in 2007. It was acquired by emc3i as part of a multiple acquisition deal with TCAG by its founder John Davis, who went on to create the full emc3i portfolio.

HRH 1- HRH X were all sold out events and feature a mix of some of the best classic rock and metal acts on the planet. It has continuously sold out months in advance (HRH IX & HRH X ,13 months in advance ) and is now ready to migrate to new destinations around the world. This unique concept is unrivalled and is now in its 11th cycle. HRH remains the number 1 proposition of its kind in Europe. HRH VII seen a site upgrade and witnessed the event double its capacity.

Hard Rock Hell is now in cycle 12, HRH 9 sold out 11 months in advance without announcing one band.