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Chic Ibiza

Chic Ibiza are the leading experts in tailor making experiences to suit everyone from around the world. Our vast array of villas, boutique hotels, stylish apartments and country retreats are only the beginnings of what can easily be a dream brought to reality. Combine this, with our award winning concierge service, gaining you access to all the right restaurants, lounges and VIP arenas and you’re starting to get a true feel of what we really have to offer for 2016.

Our list of concierge services are endless and as always, are available to you to make this not just a trip to Ibiza but a chic Ibiza experience.

Chic Property

Chic Property is our top end real estate division specialising in the luxury/affluent sector as well as dealing in business sales and commercial opportunities. These include bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, locals and golf courses.

Chic Distribution

With multiple festivals boasting in house sales of over 96% and endless ticketing solutions to all major events in Europe, Chic distribution has the software and expertise to plug in and offer 360 solutions to any proposition out there.