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Chic Touring

It would only be right that after booking all these venues / artists etc that we come down and manage all production, choreography and artist liaison. We can provide a team in line with whatever scale of operation is required. We can arrange a production manual, health and safety manual and general running order than can be briefed on the day before each event.

We would / can manage:

  • All sound, lighting and staging crews
  • All entertainers and stage props
  • All artists, bands, DJ’s and promoters
  • All special effects, barriers and draping
  • Control all stage managers and stage hands for Live rooms
  • Arrange all Logistics and hospitality within budget and in liaison with the client
  • Produce all branding, livery and future launches within the agreed budget
  • Manage all brand placement, press, agents, media and sponsors on site

If it's a Club Tour throughout the UK or even Europe, Chic Touring would / can manage:

  • All logistics, hotels, travel, catering etc
  • All tour buses, work permits, FEU’s,V isa’s
  • Supply all TM’s n crew
  • Supply backline, PA, lights as required
  • Secure endorsements from the likes of Blackstar, Ashdown, D Drum etc
  • Manage all box office accounts
  • Provide E ticketing and Merch ID’s
  • Provide a full back end marketing proposition to cover “above the line” as well as digital platforms
  • Secure Media and airplay to accompany the tour