Chic Production

This is a time consuming exercise which involves:

  • Sound and Lighting
  • Staging, stage props and trucking
  • Live production, entertainers, draping
  • Production schedules, barriers, lasers, visual effects
  • Management of all live stage managers / stage hands
  • Health and Safety procurement and sign off
  • Clearance from local council / official bodies

We can arrange and manage all these areas of expertise within the budget restrictions and more importantly with the legal, health and safety parameters associated with such a large event or small event.

We would also produce a production and health and safety manual that all production bodies can be clear on. This involves collecting all relative insurances and operational licences required to cover all required Due Diligence.

Chic Security @ Medical

As with any major event, these three areas are getting tighter each year and are now critical to the running of a seamless event.

We would:

  • Contract the required level of SIA registered officers & stewards as required to run this event
  • Procure all documentation from them as well as all suppliers within the UK or European event legislation
  • Arrange a medical provision of paramedics, ambulances, medical centres / equipment during the event
  • Provision of welfare and support services including drug counsellors
  • Arrange event medical consultancy prior to the event
  • Arrange event and medical planning prior to the event with all relevant bodies
  • Arrange Local authority and Statutory services liaison
  • Agree and execute a compatible health and safety manual for all suppliers