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Chic Marketing, Chic PR & Chic Distribution

This is another critical area to ensure the correct Kudos is attached to any event as well as maintaining positive PR and brand leadership status

This would involve:

  • Creating a marketing strategy which calls on a more viral / underground approach
  • Execute a joint acquisition and retention strategy through, E, M and C commerce
  • Source and affiliate suitable media partners
  • Secure live transmission deals via Radio / TV
  • Integrate a sub acquisition strategy via social networking sub portals
  • Engage and manage Niche PR management to support the event. Since 2012 Chic had had its own in house PR team led by Claire Lloyd.
  • Create and design internal / external P.O.S to complement the theme, tone and personality
  • Execute a new M Commerce strategy to interact in summer / winter festivals
  • Continue guerrilla marketing tactics as achieved in all previous festival propositions

Build an multi million eyeball campaign, through current affiliates / databases, links, banners and all of the above. The seven eyeball theory has been the crux of all successful Chic / emc3i marketing for the last 4 years and continues to sell all our events out months in advance.

Perception Management

This has always formed half of the forward strategy since we commenced the Chic vision. As mentioned the other half comes from Media, agents, artists and staff alike.
We feel it is important to have a continuous and active affinity with any given front line. From this we can normally obtain a 16 / 23 % sample, which provides us with all the required information to go forward.

Therefore we can:

  • Structure an online / generic questionnaire in liaison with the promoter
  • Execute this on line via community, sub portals and in house communities
  • Produce a detailed showcase
  • Agree a forward strategy for 2014 & beyond
  • React to all perception "time bombs", if any
  • Communicate any new core messages via normal channels.

Chic Distribution

Chic's new wave and simplistic approach to ticketing has made everything we do cheaper and easier for both the customer, promoter as well as ourselves. We are now in a position to supply any contracted external promoter or JV...

  • Tailor made ticket page
  • Merch ID facility
  • Box office
  • Marketing platforms
  • Multi lingual ,state of the art websites with CMS and SEO solutions
  • Affiliated booking engines
  • Trade support

If you want to talk more contact Fleur on fleur@chicfestivals.com or ring 08700 110034