...meet emc3i

...boutique festivals ...talent & event management ...niche lifestyle brands ..marketing innovation ....worldwide label, Radio, TV , Mag ...& so much more

As emc3i enters its 11th year, we have witnessed a portfolio grow to over 20 brands during a recession & more. All brands are now labelled as, "bankable" and have been built, locked and delivered using our 3 core marketing platforms as well as making everything we do a value linked experience.

emc3i has managed its sister brand, Chic Festivals, to the undisputed throne of European leader in residential boutique festivals as well as driving all of its portfolio into profitability during a challenging period.

2018 will see emc3i move into phase 10, which will add more music genres to its festival portfolio, export its portfolio into three new "target zones", with Dubai and Southern Hemisphere being its first port of call.

It's not a job, it's just what we believe in and if we didn't enjoy it, it wouldn't be happening..it's a virtual rock n roll lifestyle that's become our religion...Our Thing !!